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Civil War Teacher Pack

Useful Links

The Civil War Teacher Pack contains a vast range of material including lesson plans and other teacher-friendly material found on the internet.  The primary aim of the Teacher Pack has been to draw all this free information together and then add depth using new and Google Earth related material.  

Listed below are some sources for the Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and general Civil War material:

Free Material web links

Civil War Preservation Trust

Perhaps the best location for teacher resources relating to the Civil War.  The ‘History Center and Classroom’ contains a massive amount of downloadable lesson plans for all grade levels.  The Civil War Curriculum includes a new "Gifted and Talented Student Curriculum”.

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PBS The Civil War Classroom

Another superb resource center for teachers.  This site has a small number of downloadable files which use the the multi-award winning Ken Burns documentary, ‘The Civil War’ as it’s focus.  This ground breaking documentary is the definitive video document of the Civil War and the teacher materials are of a similar quality.

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The Teachers Guide.com

A privately run site full of teacher resources.  Not as glossy as the CWPT or PBS sites but still useful.

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US Civil War Lesson Plans & Classroom Activities.  This is another useful links page but containing hundreds of links too numerous to place here.


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History Now.com

Pages and pages of web links and other source material.  Superb:                 Abolition   Slavery   Lincoln


                                                                                          Lincoln Then & Now  Civil Rights Movement               


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

“...modules cover more than twenty topics that correspond to the major periods in American history and take into consideration the history standards, both required and advanced, to which high school students are held...”  Not just Civil War material.  

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Teaching with Historical Places

“Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects”.

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Teacher Planet.com

TeacherPlanet features over 350 theme based resource pages.


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Our Documents.gov

Web link to the compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration 100 Milestone documents which chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1965.


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Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

A good start point for other links to Civil War Lesson Plans.  


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Save Our History.com (with The History Channel)

Free to register but packed with useful lesson plans and other material.  “Save Our History is a national history education and preservation initiative that raises awareness and support for preserving local heritage.”


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Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the best site for Civil War era photographs but also has a Learning Page with many lesson plans.

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                                                                                          THE LEARNING PAGE lesson plans (opens new window)

National Archives

Similar to the Library of Congress, the National Archives is a superb center of resources (main site link below & lesson plan link).

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                                                                                Teaching With Documents: Lesson Plans (opens new window)

Online Schools

Not a Civil War-only source but perhaps more importantly a comprehensive selection of web links to primary documents rather then second/third/fourth hand sources where facts become interpretations.    

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(Please email any links you believe should be on this list to admin@americancivilwarcollection.com

Additional web links (Inc. Non-Civil War links)

The Civil War Teacher Pack

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