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Additional Non Civil War Web links for students

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American History

General American History

    * American Memory - from the Library of Congress

    * American West - Development & History

    * America's Story

    * American Family Immigration History Center (Ellis Island)

    * Ellis Island - from the History Channel

    * From Revolution to Reconstruction

    * Historical Maps of the United States

    * New Bedford Whaling Museum -online exhibits about the history of whaling

    * Recipes from US History

Colonial History (1492-1775)

    * 1492 Exhibit

    * African-American Colonial Life

    * Colonial Williamsburg

    * Mayflower Web Pages

Revolutionary War (1775-1883)

    * Declaring Independence

    * From Revolution to Reconstruction

    * The History Place - the American Revolution

    * Liberty! - the American Revolution

    * Revolutionary War Spies

    * A Revolutionary Webquest

    * Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolutionary War

    * The Revolutionary War

Early Republic and Constitution (1884-1859)

    * Charters of Freedom: The Constitution of the United States

    * Old Sturbridge Village

Civil War (1860-1865)

    * The American Civil War Page

    * The American Civil War Home Page

    * Civil War Highlights

    * Civil War Photographs

    * The History Place: U.S. Civil War 1861-1865

    * The Valley of the Shadow (Civil War)

The Age of Imperialism (1890s-1920s)

    * Model T Road Trip

World War II (1939-1945)

    * The History Place - African-Americans in WW II

    * The History Place - Timeline of Pacific War

African American History

    * Assignment Alert: African Tribes & Cultures

    * African-American Colonial Life

    * The History Place - African-Americans in WW II

    * The Underground Railroad

    * Rosa Parks Bus

World History

General History

    * Costume Page: ethnic and folk costume from around the world

    * History of Costume (1861-1880)

    * The History of Invention: timeline of inventions from 8,000 B.C. to 1995

    * History Wired: a few of the favorite things from the Smithsonian Institution

    * Stories of the Century

    * This Day in History

    * Time Warp Trio (games based on history)

    * Time Capsule

    * Today in History

    * Walk through Time

Ancient History

    * Ancient Civilizations - Info on the Americas, Egypt, Greece, India, and Rome

    * Flints and Stones

    * Odyssey Online

    * The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


    * Ancient Egypt - From the British Museum

    * The Ancient Egypt Site - History, Archeology, Language

    * Death in Ancient Egypt

    * Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt - Info on Pyramids, Temples, Rulers and Hieroglyphs

    * Mummies of Ancient Egypt

    * Nova: Pyramid Adventure: Hieroglyphs--Say What?


    * The Ancient Greek World

    * Ancient Mediterranean History


    * Ancient Rome

    * Daily Life in Ancient Rome

European History

    * Footwear of the Middle Ages

    * Assignment Alert: Explorers

    * Castles of Great Britain

    * Castles on the Web

    * Renaissance links

    * Russian History

    * Vikings

Museum Links

    * Canton Historical Society

    * Plymouth Historical Museum

    * The Henry Ford

    * Museum of African-American History

    * Detroit Institute of Arts

    * Detroit Historical Museum

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